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Call us toll-free

from anywhere in Ontario at 1-844-343-7462

All areas of the Law

The Centre offers services in all areas of the law, such as family law, immigration law, tenants' rights, employment insurance, etc.

No Eligibility Criteria

Any resident of the Ottawa region can obtain the Centre’s services, regardless of your income or legal problem.

Languages of Service

The Centre offers services in English and in French.

Free legal information and referral services on a confidential basis, with or without an appointment.

The Ottawa Legal Information Centre can:

  • offer you a 30 minute meeting with a legal agent who can offer you legal information (i.e. explanations regarding the law or the rules of procedure of the courts);
  • refer you to specialized resources in the Ottawa region who can help you;
  • help you determine which legal forms are required;
  • provide pamphlets, resources and information tools prepared by various legal organizations;
  • offer you access to a computer to help you do your legal research;
  • provide an accompaniment service to the Ottawa Courthouse by appointment.

The Centre can also offer you legal information and referral services over the phone. Please contact our receptionist at 613-842-7462 to request services by telephone.

A legal agent will return your call within 7 business days of your request to offer you a meeting over the phone.